If you have $25,000 lying around, apart from being extremely fortunate, you now have the opportunity to buy a particularly special iPhone. In fact, this particular iPhone may be known to plenty of Drake fans as the Drake OVO Fest phone. An iPhone 7 is being sold on Kijiji for $25,000 because Drizzy held it and recorded himself on its camera during a past OVO Fest.

UPDATE: The phone's seller, Jade DeValle, tells Narcity she's been surprised by the level of demand she's seen so far, ad that's driven the price far beyond the $25K listing. "Over 75 people have contacted me," she tells Narcity. "I'm super excited! We're well past $50k."

As for what she intends to do with the money, she has charitable intentions.

"I'm a recording artist, and you know, I just received mad love from Canada, especially from Toronto while I was there," she adds. "I've had the phone in my possession for a while, but while I was there I noticed groups of homeless people on the streets downtown. I had the bright idea to sell the phone to not only help my family and my career, but to give back to Toronto by donating a portion of the money to United Way. I've got to support the city that supports me fully."

EARLIER: If you're a Drake fan, you may remember that during his 2017 OVO Fest in Toronto, he took a phone from the audience and recorded himself on it. A lucky fan managed to be front and centre for a few minutes as the 6ix God was performing "Passionfruit" from his popular mixtape, "More Life". As the fan recorded the last few minutes of the song, Drake reached over and took the phone from her hands. 

The phone's owner, DelValle, shares in the listing description that this was the first time Drake had ever done such a thing during shows.

"I attended OVO Fest in Toronto, Canada (in) August of 2017. Drake felt my energy and happened to pick up my iPhone from me, as I was front row, and sang to it. Prior to this, he had never done this before, so this device is extremely rare and valuable to those who admire Drake."

The jet black iPhone was posted for sale on Kijiji four days ago, by DelValle, a recording artist from Louisiana. It still has the original video that Drake took while performing, says the listing. 


Meanwhile, Drake himself has been pretty busy recently.

On November 5, his team was out in the streets of Toronto handing out flowers, asking the public to follow the private Instagram account, "MoreLife". It turns out that's a new business venture Champagnepapi has taken charge of, and it sounds like it's a weed company.

He also might be busy igniting something with Kylie Jenner, according to reports, although that's probably not so business-focused.

Narcity has reached out to DelValle for comment.

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