Photo cred - OctobersVeryOwn

This morning, Drake took to his twitter account to share his latest love letter to Toronto with the world. The tweet, which already has over 11K retweets, had no caption and simply included a shortened link.

The Curiosity of many led them to the October's Very Own Vimeo page and a short, 15 minute film, titled 'Jungle'. Drake recently made people talk when he ditched the Grammy's to attend a KOTD battle in the city instead, proving once again he'd rather be at home than anywhere else.

"I'm just more worried about myself. You know? I just gotta come home." he says, a top the Hollywood hills before the title sequence transports us back to our very own streets of Toronto and a rare glimpse into some old footage of a young Drake.

The piece is beautifully filmed and scored by none other than Drake's frequent producer and close friend Noah "40" Shebib, even featuring what sounds an awful lot like some possible new music from the hit maker. Regardless, the film feels raw and honest as the city's favourite export ponders what his life is becoming amidst all the craziness that comes with major success.

This has people buzzing, could a new (and long overdue) Drizzy album be coming our way sooner rather than later?

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