The Ontario Provincial Police released a statement this Wednesday which revealed that officers had busted a supposed drug smuggling operation. Large amounts of methamphetamine were found stashed in new cars built in Mexico and shipped to Canada by train. Police were made aware of the operation after employees at four different Ford dealerships contacted authorities to say they had found drug stashed in spare tires that did not match up with the cars they came with.

Investigators began working with the car company back in December and quickly discovered that the vehicles had been sent out all over Canada including a shipment to New Brunswick and Quebec. At the conclusion of the investigation, police reported that they had found 180 kilograms of the drug.

It is uncertain at the moment when and where the drugs were stashed into the vehicles and who exactly they were meant to be delivered to. OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum told CP24 that drug smugglers are continually trying to hatch new schemes to bring their product into the country; the botched car operation is just one of many.

According to CP24, four separate Ford dealerships in Canada found stashes of meth inside spare tires of the cars they received from Mexico. Upon discovering it, they notified police. 

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Investigators have a strong reason to believe that the shipment of illegal substances is linked to an operation run by Sinaloa Drug Cartel. An international crime organization which The United States Intelligence Community considers to be "the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world" The organization was famously run by drug lord “El Chapo” until he was arrested back in 2014.

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The Cartel is known to have control of the area where the Ford manufacturing plant is located in Hermosillo, Mexico, making an easy target for the group. Police have reported that the estimated street value of the drugs apprehended was about $4.5 million.

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