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A guy in Amsterdam, trying to stage the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, ends up royally screwing the whole thing up pretty much immediately. The idea was bad to begin with, but I guess you gotta respect a guy for his commitment. As the National Inquirer puts it:

"The unidentified lover in the central town of Ijsselstein rented a crane, planning to descend in front of his girlfriend’s bedroom window first thing Saturday morning, play her a song and then pop the question. Instead the crane toppled over, smashing a large hole in the neighbors’ roof."

There is a happy ending though- for him. His girlfriend is so moved by this romantic gesture that she immediately says yes to the proposal, and the two run off to Paris for their honeymoon, apparently having completely forgotten about the destruction they left behind, which other people in the neighbourhood have to band together to fix. It does not go great:

"Then the crane fell again during attempts to right it with a larger crane, bashing in the rest of the neighbors’ roof. The town’s mayor is on the spot after the building was declared unsafe. Six apartments were evacuated."

Oh, young love.

h/t Elite Daily

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