This is not what you want to hear about on a Toronto highway. A dump truck crash saw the heavy vehicle smash through the central barrier on the QEW on Tuesday, May 26. The truck had blown a tire and ended up across three lanes of wrong-way traffic.

Ontario Provincial Police's Highway Safety Division tweeted the shocking pictures on Tuesday afternoon.

The post showed photos of the smashed barrier and it looks pretty damn scary, to be honest.

The truck was sprawled across the wrong side of the highway, making any kind of westbound traffic temporarily impossible.

The police account explained that the dump truck was heading eastbound on the QEW approaching Fairview Road near Burlington, Ontario on Tuesday afternoon.

It blew a tire, smashed through the highway's central barrier, and ended up blocking three westbound lanes.

Thankfully, and rather remarkably, nobody was injured, say police.

The area remains blocked for cleanup, and it looks like it might take some time.

680 News showed some extent of the backup that had been caused and it doesn't look at all pretty.

It's not yet clear how the incident happened.

As the weather improves and restrictions around the province continue to be lifted, it seems reasonable to suggest the GTHA and the rest of Southern Ontario are likely to start seeing increased traffic again as the weeks keep passing.

It's not exactly been all quiet for traffic cops over the last couple of months, though.

Notably, Southern Ontario has seen huge surges in what police call stunt driving charges. It seems some ill-advised drivers have been taking advantage of the emptier roads.

For instance, police unveiled statistics last month that suggested stunt driving charges were up over 550% in April 2020 compared to the same month last year.

And just a couple of weeks ago, Toronto drivers were busted for doing donuts and setting off fireworks in Etobicoke over a weekend.

It's not just in the 6ix that that's been happening, either.

Over in Ottawa, police issued 822 driving tickets in the first 25 days of May.

While a dump truck blocking the wrong direction on a highway is a pretty new one, it's not the most unusual highway incident Southern Ontario has seen recently.

That prize probably goes to an incident in Brampton last month which saw drivers try to cross Highway 401 on foot after a car crash.

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