A number of Ontarians haven't received their voter cards yet and Elections Ontario is finally saying what's going on.

They released a statement today explaining that the delivery of voter information cards was delayed by Canada Post. 

In the statement they say they are not pleased with Canada Post. A quote from the statement reads, "We are clearly disappointed that we have not received the level of service that we have come to expect from our long-standing partner."

Via Elections Ontario

According to Elections Ontario they sent the voter information cards out for delivery between May 15 and May 22. With Canada Post's standard two-day delivery the cards should have all arrived at voters homes before advanced polls opened on May 26.

Voter cards provide Ontarians with the necessary information about where, when, and how to vote in the upcoming provincial election, which is on June 7.

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Elections Ontario is reassuring voters that if they haven't received their card, they can still vote by bringing a piece of ID with their name and address on it.

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