News broke just over a week ago that Elon Musk was suing the Government of Ontario over a discrimination claim. His claim came after the provincial government cut the cap and trade program, which included a $14,000 rebate for those who bought electric cars, including Teslas. 

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The rebate encouraged Ontarians to purchase electric vehicles, moving into a more eco-friendly option to a car that runs on gasoline. After Doug Ford's government decided to cut the program to help reduce the price of gas, Musk decided to sue the government of Ontario for discrimination. It turns out, the judge agreed with the man behind Tesla. 

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While the Ontario government immediately called out the lawsuit for being unjustified with "no merit," Musk was sure that the immediate dismissal of the rebate put Tesla buyers at a disadvantage that was surely discrimination.

They also claimed that they were the only company left out of a program that let other electric cars offer rebates during a phase-out period. 

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The Ministry of Transportation actually tried to get the case thrown out, but their efforts failed after the judge assigned to the case agreed with Tesla. Meaning that it's now the provincial government's job to come up with a program that's fair to Musk's electric cars. 

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So what does this mean for Tesla buyers? Canadians who purchased Teslas under the rebate program initiative will have to be compensated by the government for a phase-out rebate, just like other electric car owners.  

As for Ontario's government, Elon Musk was not the first person they upset and with new policies being put in place every day, we doubt he'll be the last. 

Source: Electrek 


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