It seems that Torontonians are still stocking up on food and toilet paper. Grocery stores in Toronto got hit hard after long lines of customers were spotted stocking up on essentials Thursday night. Since the crazy lines, customers are now sharing their pictures and videos of empty grocery store shelves across the city. 

On Thursday night, long lines were spotted at No Frills' Lansdowne and Dundas location.

Photos of shoppers waiting in lines across the building showed just how willing they were to get their hands on some products. 

However, since Thursday's mayhem, it seems that many grocery stores in the city were left with bare shelves, leaving shoppers with not much left to purchase. 

Photos show shelves, which are usually reasonably stocked with food and products, completely wiped clean. 

One Twitter user even claims that "it is 8:30 in the morning in Toronto and I've been to five grocery stores and I can't find one pack of toilet paper not one the stores are so packed lines are all the way to the other end of the store it's pandemonium."

While another user states, "Carnage in the grocery stores. Nothing edible left!"

Tammie Sutherland from CityNews reports that the Metro at Front and Church Street had been left bare, with even Kraft Dinner almost running out of stock. 

However, it was also reported that shelves are also being re-stocked. It is still unclear when shelves will be fully replenished. 

Yet, this isn't the first time that Ontario has seen some shortages this year. 

Toilet paper shortages throughout the province have been an issue over the past month. 

It was reported last week that multiple Costco shelves have been left empty as Canadians tried to stock up.

Toronto stores were also left bare last month as people stocked up on hand sanitizer

Multiple Shoppers Drug Mart locations confirmed to Narcity at the time that they had run out of hand sanitizer, leaving Torontonians on the hunt for the product. 

NOW WATCH Toilet Paper Apocalypse Is Happening At Costco As Canadians Stock Up For COVID-19 (VIDEO)

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