While it still seems like only a few weeks ago southern Ontario was getting hit with a massive ice storm it looks like it’s now safe to declare at this point that it is officially summer. 

And with summer comes incredibly high temperatures. 

Environment Canada has actually declared its "first heat event of the season," for southern Ontario because of high temperatures in the region today.  

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So how hot is it going to be today? 

Environment Canada says the entire region is looking at temperatures in the low 30’s, Toronto itself is looking at a high of 32°C today. 

The weather agency says that “everyone is at risk from the heat.” People are advised to drink plenty of cool liquids before feeling thirsty, keep cool by dressing for the weather and spending a few hours each day in a cool place.  

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If you aren’t a fan of the heat then the good news is that these high temperatures won’t last too long, much of the region will see a drop in temperatures by tomorrow. 

But if you are going to be outside today for a significant amount of time you’re going to want to plan ahead with what you wear and you should remember to bring or buy a bottle of water.   

Or maybe you'll just want to stay in and sit in front of a fan all day. 

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But it's better than snow, right? 

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