According to warnings issued by Environment Canada, parts of Southern Ontario, especially around Toronto are due for freezing rain throughout the day that will coat roads and sidewalks in ice.  The Greater Toronto Area has been blanketed with weather warnings today as the mild conditions we've been experiencing all winter start to disappear. Replacing the warmer weather in the GTA is freezing rain. 

Environment Canada warns that a mix of snow and ice pellets will start falling late this morning and throughout the afternoon. The biggest amount of freezing rain will come later in the day though. According to the warning, the biggest amount of precipitation will come early this evening, right when drivers are trying to get home. 

Along with the freezing rain warnings, Environment Canada has also issued a number of special weather statements about the weather conditions. In them, they urge drivers to be extra cautious today. With all the freezing rain they warn that untreated roads will become slippery and this could have a huge impact on the evening commute. 

While it's due to warm up a bit in the City of Toronto as the night goes on, the rain isn't going to stop anytime soon. 

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According to the hourly forecast for the city, the highest chance of precipitation in Toronto will come tonight. Starting at 7 PM, there is an 80% of rain. This continues throughout the night with the chance of rain climbing to 90% around 10 PM and staying that way through to midnight. 

Only around 1 AM, the rain will start to taper off a bit and after 2 AM the chance of precipitation will decrease dramatically to below 50% chance. None the less, six hours of rain could still have a big impact, especially with temperatures below 0°C. 

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Though it's going to be warming up overnight in Toronto, the real-feel of the temperature will still be below zero. In fact at 7 PM when the heavy rain is due to start it's still going to feel like -5°C outside today. 

The combination of rain and below-freezing temperatures mean the GTA could be facing even more ice coating roads and sidewalks in the area. 

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Environment Canada has issued freezing rain warnings in Toronto, York-Durham, and Halton-Peel. The freezing rain warnings also extend out to the Barrie area, Huron-Bruce, Wellington-Waterloo, and Huron-Perth. 

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