We thought we cut a break from the wild weather in Southern Ontario recently, but it looks like it's back and unfortunately, in full force. Environment Canada is now warning of power outages in Southern Ontario from the intense wind storm today. The special weather alert was issued earlier today. 

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Intense, strong winds are coming to Southern Ontario, and it will impact almost the entire southern region. We are not ready for another wind storm to rip through the cities and cause damage and power outages. 

"The passage of a cold front is ushering in strong westerly winds this morning," reads the special weather alert from Environment Canada. "Widespread wind gusts to 70 km/h are expected with isolated wind gusts to 80 km/h. The wind will begin to ease later this afternoon."

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Not only are there expected to be fierce wind gusts, but even risks of power outages. Environment Canada is now warning Southern Ontarians in their alert to be ready for power outages because, unfortunately, they are very much a possibility in this weather. 

Check out the map from Environment Canada below that shows which areas of Southern Ontario are affected by the windstorm. 

Via Environment Canada

As you can see from the picture above, pretty much all of Southern Ontario will be hit by the intensely strong winds – including cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, York and more. 

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Some areas will even be hit by "locally heavy flurries" today, such as Haliburton County, Huntsville and Baysville. So it looks like spring weather is currently on a hiatus in Southern Ontario.

@barn12incembedded via  

Fortunately, this windy weather is not expected to last. In Toronto, the wind gusts are forecasted to return to normal levels starting tonight. Tomorrow on Thursday, the winds will be around 17 km/hr and it will be sunny all day, according to The Weather Network.

The weather forecast looks pretty good for the upcoming weekend in Toronto as well. Besides some rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are expected to be overall sunny. 

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