It is going to get very windy in the city today. Environment Canada issued a warning to Torontonians today saying that GTA residents should brace for winds of up to 80 km an hour which will persist into the late afternoon. "These winds are strong enough to cause minor tree damage and a few local power outages," read the statement.

On top of being on the lookout for falling trees and power outages, Torontonians should also expect snowfall and freezing temperatures of -10°C which with the high winds will feel more like -20°C. Dr. Eileen de Villa of Toronto's Medical Officer of Health issued an extreme weather alert this morning.

The weather is expected to be bitterly cold, and Torontonians should avoid long exposures to the outside and be aware of serious alignments: hypothermia and frostbite. Homeless people, people who work primarily outdoors and those with inadequate housing should take the necessary precaution today and seek shelter. A warming station will be open at Metro Hall at 7 PM today and will remain open until the alert is no longer in effect. Here are a few of the precautions listed:

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  • Check the weather before heading outside.
  • Dress in layers and make sure to cover exposed skin. 
  • Avoid getting wet as your risk for hypothermia will be much higher.
  • Look for shelter if you typically spend long periods outside. 
  • Consume plenty of warm fluids.
  • Stay warm by taking regular breaks inside heated buildings.

Torontonians should remember to call 311 if they see anybody exposed and in need of immediate assistance. There are currently several 24-hour heated sites that provide food and shelter to those in need. 

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For those seeking more information on who to contact when seeking shelter for the homeless you should reach out to Greg Seraganian: 416-397-4431,




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