If you've opened up Instagram today, you probably saw the photo that the one and only Champagne Papi posted. Although the dating rumours seemed to have died down, Drake's Instagram feed may suggest otherwise. The photo shows the two side by side with their backs facing the camera - as if their mysterious encounters can't be any more mysterious?!? Seriously Drizzy, wtf.

Early this morning, Drake went on a posting spree, but the photo that captured the most attention was the one with Taylor Swift, which is reigniting the romance rumours...

via @champagnepapi

1. People are NOT happy about it.

Boy, did Drake add fuel to the fire. If initial rumours didn't confuse the public, his recent post definitely did. Let's just say the majority are not in favour of this fling - the comments under this photo says it all. ? (lots and lots of snake emojis)

via @taylorswift

2. Taylor Swift has been single since September, so does this mean...?

Swift is notorious for her short-lived relationships and her A-List Hollywood boyfriends. Does this mean Drake could be next in line?

via @champagnepapi

3. Drake and Rihanna split just weeks before his birthday bash.

I know some of you are still mourning AubRih, but it is what it is. Rihanna reportedly didn't attend Drake's birthday, which leads to further speculation that Swift could be a love interest.

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4. A potential collaboration is in the works.

But just like any other gossip, this could just be one big publicity stunt (as usual). It is said that Drake and Taylor are simply making music together and are joining forces for an epic Grammy performance - which would mean Drake is being a huge troll and is merely taking advantage of the rumours that they could be hooking up. Maybe it's going to be an epic breakup song, haha - who knows?

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