While Toronto may still be upset about the major cut to the city council members, voting to fill the councillors seats was inevitable on Monday. As John Tory won a second term, another member of council was re-elected with deep ties to Doug Ford - his 24-year-old nephew Micheal.

Michael Ford has been flying under the radar as one of Toronto's youngest city councillors in recent history, but his last name speaks volumes. Michael took over in Ward 1 back in 2016 and won four more years at City Hall after getting elected in with 69% of the wards votes on Monday. 

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But who is Michael Ford? As one of the youngest politicians on Toronto's city council, this Ford family member is clearly following in some major footsteps of his famous last name. In fact, Doug Ford even supported his nephew by joining him while knocking on doors and attending his victory party on Monday night.  

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Michael's Instagram page may describe him as a pilot, outdoor enthusiast and amateur photographer but there is a messy past with the Ford family that also plagues the two-term city councillor. 

Here is everything you need to know about the newest Ford politician, Michael Ford: 

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1. His last name is actually not Ford.

Michael is certainly related to the Ford family, as his mother, Kathy is the sister of both Doug and Rob and the daughter of Conservative MPP, Doug Ford Sr. That being said, the councillor actually changed his last name in 2014 to his mother's maiden name. 

Michael Douglas Ford was actually born Michael Douglas Aldo Stirpe in 1994 to Kathy Ford and her husband, Ennio Stirpe.

2. His father is currently serving an 18-year sentence. 

Ennio Stirpe, Michael's father is actually in jail due to manslaughter and attempted murder charges. Stirpe killed Kathy Ford's boyfriend, Michael Kiklas, in 1998 and then attacked a woman and blinded her in 2009 while on parole. 

Michael changed his last name from Stirpe to Ford in 2014 probably to distance himself from his criminal father.

3. His mother also has a criminal past.  

Michael's mother Kathy has been open about her struggles with addiction on multiple occasions throughout her life. Kathy is actually the oldest of her siblings and has been very vocal about her heroin problem

After her ex-husband killed her boyfriend in 1998, Kathy was later gunned down in her parents Etobicoke home and suffered from a gunshot wound in the face. In 2012, Michael's mother was convicted for shoplifting after being caught stealing toothbrushes from the now debunked Canadian store Zellers. 

4. His uncle's infamous "crack video" was actually shot in his mother's basement.

Michael's uncle Rob Ford publicly admitted he smoked crack while Mayor of Toronto, but what few remember from the trial was that the famous crack video was actually filmed in Kathy's basement.

During the trial, the video was confirmed to be shot by a crack and heroin dealer, which seems to be both Rob and Kathy's drugs of choice. 

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5. Michael's political beliefs are more liberal than his family. 

While both Rob and Doug Ford have previously expressed distaste with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Michael doesn't necessarily agree. 

Not only did the Ward 1 councillor meet with Trudeau during the 2018 Pride celebration (which he's attended since 2015 according to his Instagram), but he also called the Prime Minister "a great guy" to the Globe and Mail in a 2015 interview. 

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6. He first ran for city council at only 20 years old. 

Michael may be on his second term as councillor but he originally planned on running at only 20-years old back in 2014. Once his uncle and then Toronto mayor found out about his cancer diagnosis, Michael opted to run for the Toronto District School Board Trustee (which he won). 

Still, Michael did become a counsellor at 22-years old in 2016 after running in the by-election caused by his uncle's death.

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