Just before 7:00 AM on Wednesday morning,  Toronto's Medical Officer of Health issued yet another extreme cold weather alert, ahead of today's snowstorm. Significant snowfall started to pick up at just after 6:30 AM this morning in the western part of the GTA, slowly moving its way into the city at the start of morning rush hour. To make matters worse, temperatures are expected to feel close to -17°C today.

Wednesday's storm will see the heaviest snowfall from 9:00 AM to the late afternoon, setting the city up for a slow and messy commute home. Nearly 15 cm is expected to fall by Wednesday evening - areas west of the GTA will get hit with closer to 20 cm.

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Today's extreme cold weather alert will remain in effect until further notice. Thursday isn't looking much better, with windchill values dipping to -10°C. But, thankfully, the heavy snowfall will transition into light flurries by about 7:00 PM Wednesday night, stopping entirely by tonight. Here's what we're in for this week:

Via TWN | Toronto

As was predicted by The Weather Network, early March will feel more like January in Ontario. According to the seven-day forecast for Toronto, we can certainly expect to see more extreme cold weather next week.  But, an abrupt shift will take place around mid-March, ushering milder temperatures across the province. The Weather Network even forecasts an early start to spring this year.

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So, thankfully there's an end in sight, and it might come sooner than we think. But, not before we get through some real Canadian winter days like today.


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