Your morning commute is going to be a foggy one today if you're in the Toronto area. Environment Canada has issued a fog advisory for the city as thick clouds blanket the region. Visibility has been reduced to just 100 metres in some areas.

Those driving this morning are reminded to use their headlights and slow down. It's important for drivers to leave a safe distance between themselves and the car in front of them in conditions like this.

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If fog becomes too overwhelming to see, motorists who need to pull over are advised to do so in parking lots rather than on the side of the road.

If you have any flights booked today, Pearson is advising travellers to check their flight status. A number of flights have been cancelled or delayed due to the thick fog.

Thankfully, the fog should clear by late morning to reveal summer-like weather. The day will remain partly cloudy with sunny breaks in between and temperatures are expected to reach as high as 27°C but will feel like 35°C with the humidity.

The heat will go into tomorrow with a high of 32 °C with the humidity and then drop down to the teens by Thursday. We'll eventually see fall again by Friday when temperatures are expected to sit at around 10°C.

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Safe commuting, Toronto! And plan your wardrobe accordingly for this super indecisive weather system. 

Source: Environment Canada, City News



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