We here in Toronto have had a very lack lustre summer. The weather's been cool, cloudy, overcast and littered with some of the craziest storms (see today's torrential downpour). But the cooler temperatures and high levels of precipitation might have a positive impact on the upcoming season

In order for trees to produce those beautiful, Instaworthy reds, oranges and yellows, they have to be in great shape leading up to the fall season. Last summer, with the insane dry spells and high temperatures, our trees were in pretty rough shape, leaving the changing of colours to be pretty brief and somewhat bleak. 

The key to a truly beautiful fall season is two things: cool pre-fall nights and decent amount of rain. While we didn't have the wettest summer in Ontario's history, we definitely got the needed amount of precipitation for the leaves pigments to develop fully into beautiful, deep colours. 

You can look forward to a beautiful fall season folks. Bring on the pumpkin spice!! 

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