A popular Toronto music hotspot is about to make its long-awaited return. The Drake Underground was shut down back in August after flood-wrecked havoc on the venue's drainage system. “It was a catastrophe,” explained Mr. Simpson to The Globe. Simpson serves as the chief operating officer at the acclaimed venue. “But we had decent insurance. We shut the club down, rebuilt it, and it’s better now than ever".

The grand re-opening kicks off today with the hopes of expanding into a four-day party set to commemorate the Drake's 15th anniversary.  Despite the re-launch, those in charge have decided not to mess with the vibe of the venue choosing instead to upgrade its tech and install another bar, which if we're being real is probably the best decision they will ever make.

The Underground has deep roots in Toronto's music scene and has garnered praise from fans and musicians alike for its impeccable acoustics, royal treatment of touring musicians and openness to help grow local acts.

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Drake's Underground isn't the only famous Toronto venue in the process of re-launching. One of the city's nearest and dearest sites, the El Mocambo, is also set to re-open its doors after it was being shut down several years. Those living on the northern edge of Chinatown will be sure to spot its tropical sign return to its former glory.

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Sustaining a music venue in the city is no easy task, with a once flourishing music scene struck by the digital age it is a bold move for any owner not to call it quits when given an out. However, those behind the scenes at the Underground remain unphased.

“Honestly, we’re not that worried about other venues,” expressed Mia Nielsen, the venue's director of art and culture, “We’ll nurture our own venue, with the idea that the Underground is an entry point for the next generation of Drake patrons.”

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Though it has only been around for 15 years which makes it an angsty teen in the world of Toronto music venues, it has nevertheless left its mark, and we are glad to see it come back in such high spirits. 

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