Happy 25th birthday, Justin Bieber! Our resident Canadian celebrity is celebrating his birthday today on March 1st. Fans all over the world have been pouring their birthday wishes on social media. Wife Hailey Bieber even took to the 'gram to share a cute snap of the couple celebrating Justin Bieber's birthday and it gave a major hint to where the duo is celebrating today. After her post, fans are certain that Justin and Hailey Bieber are in Ontario right now celebrating the singer's birthday. 

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Hailey Bieber took to Instagram to post some birthday love for her Canadian beau today. She uploaded an Instagram story less than one hour ago of Justin Bieber sporting a jacket with the words "BIEBER 25" written on the back. He is standing beside another man, whose identity is unknown to the camera. The picture was taken inside a house. 

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The birthday post now has fans completely convinced that the couple is in Canada today to celebrate. Check out the photo Hailey Bieber posted on her Instagram story below. 

Via Instagram Story | Hailey Bieber

This photo has prompted several fans to say that the pair is clearly at their mansion in Canada. Check out what some people have had to say below. 

Via Screenshot | Instagram

Via Screenshot | Instagram

Via Screenshot | Instagram

Besides the fan speculation, many other factors point to the pair being in Canada today for his birthday. For starters, the couple does live in a mansion in Ontario and are frequently seen back in the province, whether it's at a local Tim Hortons or at the Distillery District in Toronto. So it would make sense that they would want to celebrate in the comforts of their cozy home. 

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On top of this, the couple's last public sighting was in New York City yesterday, which is really close to Ontario. So it'd be easy for them to get from New York to their Canadian residence. They also haven't been spotted in public all day so far, which is another sign that they could be celebrating indoors at their home in Ontario, away from the public eye. 

The picture Hailey uploaded on Instagram also provides major hints that the couple is in Ontario right now. It was taken inside a house and has views of trees as well as a big field. Weather-wise it matches up with Ontario because right now there is snow on the ground, which is a result of the snowstorm that hit Southern Ontario this week. 

Not only this, but it's sunny in the photo, and right now in the Waterloo region of Ontario, it is also clear, sunny skies, according to the forecast from The Weather Network

This marks the first time the duo has celebrated the singer's birthday as a married couple. The Bieber pair celebrated Hailey's birthday a few months back on November 22, and also had a cozy indoor birthday party out of the public eye for her 22nd birthday. So it makes sense that they would do the same for Justin's birthday, especially considering how low-key they are. 

@kahleabaldwinembedded via  

With all things considered, it looks like all signs point to Justin Bieber celebrating his birthday with wife Hailey Bieber in his home province of Ontario.

Happy birthday again, Justin Bieber! We hope it's a good one. 

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