A change to a city road on November 25 has drivers struggling to adapt during their morning commute. Fleet Street, Toronto, has now become a car-free road as part of a new initiative. But it seems some motorists haven't clued in just yet as footage shows cars still trying to drive through. 

The videos shared on Twitter by Global News reporter Kamil Karamali show cars backing out from the street after realizing the mistake they made.

According to Karamali, there are three potted plants blocking the street from either side. However, there is still enough space for cars to get through, as at least a couple of cars have tried to do.

In an effort to implement the Vision Zero plan to make the city more pedestrian-friendly, the popular Toronto street has closed passage for drivers starting today, Monday, November 25.

The City has shut the westbound lane between Bathurst and Iannuzzi streets for vehicles. However, that 200-metre stretch is still open for pedestrians and cyclists.

Although drivers are not allowed to turn right from southbound Bathurst Street to westbound Lake Shore Boulevard, drivers will still be allowed to go straight or turn left at the intersection, according to CBC.

A news release says this area is considered a high-collision, five-arm intersection, which has been an issue for the city.

Pedestrians and cyclists face regular dangers as the area can be confusing for motorists, particularly those coming into the downtown city from Lake Shore.

With the changes coming into effect today, pedestrians are advised to still stay aware while crossing as drivers may commit repeated mistakes throughout the day and into the week.

According to CBC, the area is going to be monitored by the city to see if the changes are indeed working.

One potential complaint that has already been raised is that closing Fleet Street will make it difficult for commuters and drivers using ride-share apps like Uber and Lift.

Lake Shore is notably unsuitable for pulling over on several stretches of the road.

The Vision Zero is an overarching plan to make roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. More information can be found here

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