Fleetwood Mac fans were hit with some devastating news on Monday. Fans of the legendary 70’s rock act were informed via Twitter this afternoon that Fleetwood Mac has postponed their Toronto show because singer Steve Nicks had fallen ill. It was reported that Nicks had come down with the flu and although members of the band stated that she was feeling “much better”, the group has decided to take a break for the next few weeks.

The last-minute cancellation had many fans taking to social media to complain that their plans have been ruined by the sudden news. Other fans were just devastated that they would not be able to see the band play - many claim that they've waited their whole lives to see the group perform live.

“We are having more fun than ever on this current tour, but as we all know, touring life comes with its challenges,” Mick Fleetwood added in a statement. “The flu has sidelined Stevie for a couple of weeks, but she is on the mend, and we look forward to getting back out on the road. We so apologize to the fans, but we are working on rescheduling.”



Even Toronto Police reported the news via their official Twitter account. Perhaps they're just as devastated as everyone else and had to let the public know. 


Whether or not Fleetwood Mac plans to make up for their postponed show or cancel it altogether remains unknown at this time. Sadly, fans have no choice but to sit tight for an update and find something else to do tonight. 

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