With spring weather among us, we can typically expect a few showers here and there. However, Sunday and Monday are expected to bring a bit more than just a few showers. We're expecting so much rain that there is actually a flood warning in Toronto. In fact, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has issued a 'Flood Outlook' Warning that will be in effect until tomorrow. 

Throughout today and tomorrow, Environment Canada has announced that the city can expect to see 20-40mm of rain. This rainfall is expected to last overnight and into the early hours of Monday morning. 

One main concern when there is 'intense rainfall' of up to 20mm of rain falling in short periods of time is flooding. This rain can lead to local flooding in many areas around the GTA, like in low-lying areas, on roadways, and near rivers. 

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is warning Torontonians to be alert near all bodies of water and to stay away from unstable banks. The flood warning is expected to last until Monday, April 15 at 6:00 PM.  

Torontonians can also expect a slippery and wet commute throughout tonight and into tomorrow morning, so make sure to give yourself some extra time for your early Monday drive. 

Coincidentally, these flood warnings are coming just days after the Ford Government has announced that they will be cutting Flood Forecasting and Natural Hazard's funding by 50%. The cut is part of the Ontario Government's recent budget, which was announced on Thursday. 

Conservation Halton released information about these funding cuts Saturday. 

Conservation Halton highlighted, like all conservations throughout Ontario, that they are dedicated to the public's safety when it comes to natural hazards and climate change. 

They also stated that these cuts will delay the modernization of their programs that they have been working on in order to better help the public. For example, managing older dams that protect local communities from flood risks is one of the many things that Conservation Halton is concerned may be affected through these recent cuts. 

Members of Conservation Halton also highlight that these cut costs may fall onto local municipal taxes. 

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