Trump's recent unruly behaviour has led Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to join forces.

Ford, despite having similar populist views to Trump, says he stands "shoulder to shoulder" with Trudeau following the U.S. president's barage of insulting comments towards the Canadian Prime Minister. Ford says that Trump's actions to impose trade tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium have put precious jobs in his province at stake.

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"I can tell you on the trade deal south of the border, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the prime minister and our federal counterparts. My number one priority is to protect jobs in Ontario, especially protect the steel workers, aluminum workers," Ford said to reporters at Queen's Park on Sunday.

Ford and Trudeau have a history of tensions. Trudeau once slammed the Ford brothers for hosting a rally for former Prime Minister Stephen Harper during the 2015 election race.

"Mr. Harper should be embarrassed that he's having to count on the support of Rob Ford for his re-election . . . There's a lot of people talking in the news these days about the hypocrisy of the Fords and their drug problems and Mr. Harper and his positions on that . . . The Ford Brothers should have no place on a national campaign stage, much less hosting a prime minister," said Trudeau in a press conference back in 2015.

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But the Trump problem has gotten so bad that those past controversies, and even party affiliations, no longer matter. Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader, says everyone needs to stand by Trudeau in his efforts to tame Trump:

"All Canadian leaders need to support Trudeau. Trump's outbursts, tariffs, amount to bullying. Trudeau is handling it as best anyone could," she tweeted yesterday.

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Even other world leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Theresa May have all voiced their support for Trudeau. They have all committed to continue working together despite Trump's attacks on Trudeau and his refusal to participate in the joint communique at the G7 summit.

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