Dave Brubaker, the former head coach of the Canadian Women's National Gymnastics team, has been found not guilty of sexual assault and sexual exploitation this morning.  The decision was handed down today by Justice Deborah Austin in a Sarnia, Ontario courtroom.

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Brubaker was accused of sexually assaulting a young female gymnast several years ago.  In October, when Brubaker's trial commenced, she testified that Brubaker would kiss her on the lips when he greeted her for practice when she was just 12 years old.  She also alleges he touched her inappropriately during sports massages and spooned her while she napped before practice, CTV reports.

Brubaker ceaselessly denied all allegations against him.  He explained to the court that while he did kiss the complainant on the lips, it was intended as a "fatherly gesture", not one of a sexual nature.

He also insists that he never accompanied the young gymnast while she napped and that the massages he offered were to merely alleviate the aches and pains that any advanced-level gymnast would experience post-training.

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Patrick Ducharme, Brubaker's lawyer, has blamed the complainant's allegations on her bitterness toward Brubaker for not making it to the Olympics, unlike numerous other gymnasts that Brubaker coached.

Since being arrested in December of 2017, Brubaker has been placed on administrative leave by Gymnastics Canada.

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