Michigan's biggest city may soon be just a train ride away from Toronto. Amtrak, a North American passenger railroad service with several routes between US and Canadian cities, has requested funding to bring back a direct train line between Toronto and Detroit. Amtrak's Toronto-Detroit train service hasn't been active since the 1960s - Amtrak has decided that it's about time for things to change.

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An Amtrak spokesperson tells Curbed Detroit, "A Chicago/Western Michigan–Detroit–Toronto corridor is one of the services where we see promise.” Amtrak has submitted a funding request to US Congress, in which they've allotted a section to the restoration of Detroit-Toronto service.

Right now, getting to Detroit from Toronto is only possible by transferring onto a bus from the Via Rail station in Windsor and, of course, flying.  A direct train route from Toronto to Western Michigan, through to Detriot and onto Chicago would be the most ideal way for Canadians to travel freely across the border and explore the States!

Although no funding has been confirmed as of yet, it's clear that opportunity is on the horizon. Local Windsor MP Brian Masse tells the Windsor Star that Amtrak's request is a promising start.

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"Although there is no money yet, this shows the interest is there,” he said. “As renewal continues to take off in Detroit, it should include better service between our two countries. (Amtrak) is showing good foresight," says Masse.



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