Toronto Police have sectioned off an area surrounding York Street and the Gardiner Expressway due to a large piece of glass that fell off a nearby building. The area was shut down after officers spotted a second piece of glass hanging off the building. Police are currently on site redirecting pedestrians and motorists.

The news of the Gardiner shutting due to falling objects had many Torontonians thinking of another eerily similar incident in which a young woman, who is currently negotiating her own surrender to police, was filmed throwing a chair onto the densely populated Expressway. 

Local Twitter users were quick to connect the dots, with many hopping on a CTV news thread in hopes of being the first one to the punchline. The woman was said to have thrown the chair from a York-area condo, almost the exact area where the plate of glass came crashing down. 

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Toronto Police released an official statement on Monday afternoon in which they stated that they were looking to identify the woman in what they called a "Mischief-Endanger Life"  investigation. Investigators called upon Torontonians via a tweet to aide in the effort.

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Toronto Police confirmed this Tuesday that they had identified the woman, but they have not yet released the identity of the suspect to the public. Incidents of people throwing furniture onto the Expressway have become something of a trend as of late - police had opened an investigation into a young male who had a similar video go viral in December 2018.



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