If you’re someone who drives a car, you already know that gas is crazy expensive, especially in summer time. It can sometimes feel like all you’re doing is going to work just to earn money for gas.

But, there’s actually some great news for anyone who is driving around today - gas prices are dropping in the GTA. 

And quite dramatically too, which means big savings for you. 

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Gas prices across the GTA will be falling an average of 4 cents a litre across the region.

This will bring the average cost of gas down to around the $1.31 per litre mark in the GTA. Which still isn’t amazing, but hey, at least we’ll all be saving money!

Gas prices are going to stay at $1.31 for at least a few days. Most experts expect the price drop to hold until Tuesday of next week. 

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So, you don’t have run out to go fill up the car today if you’re someone who’s hoping to get in on the low price while it lasts.

This is, of course, good news for anyone. Often during the summer, you only hear of the price of gas going up to record numbers. There are ways for you to save money at the pump when that happens though.

You may think that the price drop is in some way due to the provincial governments promise to lower gas prices in the province, but that’s not the case here. 

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This sudden price drop mainly has to do with the price of oil, which fell by more than $2 yesterday.

But if you’re someone who’s tired of paying a lot of money for gas, you should keep this in mind for the weekend. 

Source: 680 News

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