If you're someone who drives a vehicle then you already know that gas is really really EXPENSIVE!! No one enjoys having to pay for it and it feels like it's eating up basically all your hard earned pay check each week. 

If you are someone who has a car and rives regularly then there's bad news for you right now because gas prices are expected to rise again on April 3 or 4 this week. Yay... said no one ever reading that sentence.  The reason for the price increase is that gas stations are switching over to their summer gas formula - which means adding things to gas to make sure it doesn't heat up and catch fire during warmer months. 

However while the price may be increasing overall there is a way for you to save some money the next time you go to fill up.   

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So, what exactly is the secret to getting lower prices for gas? Are there some places that are just cheaper than others that you’ll need to drive to?

The answer is no. See it doesn’t matter WHERE you go to get your next tank of gas, it matters WHEN you go.  

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Gas is cheaper to buy during the evening and overnight hours of the day. Gas prices tend to drop a few cents during these times.

If you really want to try your best to save money you should go during the evening and overnight hours on the weekend because there’s even more savings to be had then.  

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So how much money can you expect to save during these hours? 

Unfortunately, the price doesn’t drop dramatically, but it can be 10 cents cheaper per litre if you go during these hours. Meaning if you're consistently fulling up after 7 P.M., you’ll be saving tons of money overall.

So consider this your newest gas price hacking tip. 

Source: CBC

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