Attention all GO passengers! It looks like free parking might be more sparse within the next few years because Metrolinx is considering charging for parking spots. GO station parking is currently free, with the option to reserve a spot for an annual fee. However, it turns out that ridership is so high that parking is at capacity at a quarter of the stations.

There are currently 77,000 parking spots at all GO stations combined, and of those, less than 10% are reserved spots. The rest are completely free, and now it's being reported that the lots are packed.

There has been no definitive timeline of when changes could start to take effect.

In fact, this could take until 2022 to be fully operational, and Metrolinx will reportedly start phasing in more reserved spots in their lots.

Narcity reached out to Metrolinx Media representative Anne Marie Aikins for more information.

She confirmed that Metrolinx is "studying at this point how to better utilize paid reserved parking. Nothing is happening immediately as a plan has not been approved." 

"One of the options we are looking at is increasing the percentage of reserved spots very gradually," Aikins said in an email.

She also addressed the matter on Twitter.

A reserved parking spot currently costs $98, but because they are still working out the details of the paid parking, there is no word on if this fee will stay the same.

However, Aikins confirmed that building more parking spots is neither economically nor environmentally sensible. 

The report, which was obtained by the Globe and Mail, has suggested that they increase the amount of paid parking spots to 50% over the next few years.

Aikins also said that Metrolinx wants "to keep transit costs affordable for our customers. That is a priority for us."

It looks like the parking will be a pilot project that will gradually develop over time. Prices may also fluctuate based on the time of day, but those details are still being worked out.

According to The Globe and Mail, 65,000 people drive to GO Stations and most of them park for free. 

This served as an incentive for people to take the train into the city instead of drive. However, as times are changing and more people own multiple cars, the transit company is losing space to fit their commuters' vehicles. 

"We are piloting a variety of options and continue to work with municipalities to support customers to get to stations other ways such as local transit, biking, walking, ride-sharing and carpooling," said the Metrolinx Media representative.

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