We are all aware of the struggle that comes with commuting. Anyone on the Kitchener Go line has definitely experienced the early morning or late evening heartache. Not only are bus commutes awful and unreliable with unexpected traffic, but the recent changes to the Kitchener Line Go Train have also inconvenienced thousands of commuters on the daily. This morning Ontario Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek has announced that an all-day Go-Train between Kitchener and Toronto is in the making. 

Yurek announced to CBC News this morning that a two-way Go Train between Kitchener and Toronto will finally be a reality before 2024. Yurek announced that this project is already underway as the province is currently trying partner with CN to use rail tracks that are not owned by passenger service. 

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Yurek states, "Getting the trains to Kitchener from Toronto's the next step forward because I heard that loud and clear when I was at the University of Waterloo the other week, that there is a need for getting people from Toronto into Kitchener to the workforce, so we'll be working on that,". 

This news comes in light of a series of complaints that have been issued due to overcrowding on the Kitchener Line since a new service was announced at the beginning of January. The tweaks in timing and the express line being cut have lead to massive overcrowding on the trains. 

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This overcrowding became extremely dangerous within the first few weeks. Passengers were pushing and shoving and some people have even been reported to be fainting due to the heat. 

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After an outrage broke out on Twitter about the new service, Metrolinx has apologized and the Kitchener Go express will be brought back as of February 13, 2019. The train will be express between Union Station and Bramalea Go station and will not make any stops to Kitchener. 

However, this still has massive limitations for the commuters who use the line as it is not an all-day service. With the all-day service train in the making commuters are going to have way more flexibility and a much easier commute in the future. 

Source: CBC News


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