If you're a frequent Go Transit user, things are about to get a whole lot cheaper for you starting on Saturday. GO Transit is testing out a new pilot project where they charge less for shorter trips. Trips from Kennedy to Union station will now be charged the smallest fare available, which is $3.70 when customers use their PRESTO card. The GO Transit fare discount from Kennedy to Union will be in effect on November 23.

The trip normally costs GO Transit users $4.75. The pilot will last a period of 18 months before a decision is reached on if this will be a permanent development. 

However, it's not just commuters travelling from Kennedy to Union that will see a drop in pricing. GO trips from Kennedy to Exhibition will also be lowered to $3.70. 

Metrolinx has said that this is an effort to "ease congestion on the TTC". This is very good news for all those living in the east end because taking the GO train downtown is so much faster than taking the TTC, and will now be nearly as cheap. 

You could be downtown in under 15 minutes this way, while it usually takes about a half an hour on the TTC from Kennedy to Bloor-Yonge. 

This is the second time fares have been dropped on the GO Train this year. It used to be $5.75 one-way until they dropped it to $4.75 last April.

Now, it's gone down again, which will hopefully persuade more people to take the GO as an alternative to the TTC and help ease up some of the overcrowding.

It looks like GO and the TTC are collaborating more than ever to give commuters as much of a seamless experience as possible.

Earlier this year, the two transit companies joined forces with a combined payment option, leading the TTC to get rid of the Metropass.

This was done in order to merge payment methods with GO Transit's PRESTO card, which can now be used on both platforms.

"We’re a connected region and we understand that helping our customers make easier and timely transit connections can make all the difference in their experience," said Mark Childs, chief marketing officer for Metrolinx.

"This trial recognizes how our systems can work together."

GO is also making their trains more accessible on weekends.

They just added hourly weekend service from Kennedy to Union, so commuters can hop on a quick train into the core whenever they want, instead of just on weekdays. 

Travelling to the city will not only be cheaper, but it will also be more accessible. It seems like transit for the city is making some positive moves in the right direction. 

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