If you are a regular GO Transit commuter then you are likely all too familiar with paying about $20 per day to get to work. I have bad news for you, that number is about to go up. GO Transit price hikes come into effect today after the changes were approved by the GO Transit board back on April 10. 

The board approved a price hike of 4% for Presto users and 10% for everyone else on trips that are longer than 10 Km, which if you're commuting into the city for work is likely your trip. 

For example, a trip from Oshawa to Union Station will now cost a presto user $10.31 one-way. Similarly, a trip from Hamilton to Union will cost $11.44 one-way. One of the most expensive fares, from Kitchener to Union is now $16.32. 

In a statement on their website about the fare increases, GO says "since the last fare increase in September 2017, we’ve grown services by 25 per cent, and we’re working hard to bring you even more—and better—services in the future." They continue saying, "this increase helps cover the costs of providing quality service to our customers, which rise each year with inflation." 

There is good news in all of this though. While prices are going up for trips over 10 Km, for trips less than 10 Km the fares will actually be decreasing by a lot. 

Now on GO Transit, trips less than 10 Km will only be $3.70. According to GO, this price cut is going to make "the cost of GO for a short trip more in line with other local transit options, giving you another way for you to easily and quickly get across town."

This decrease of about 40% from the previous prices will effect trips in the city, for example, trips from Bloor Go or Exhibition GO to Union Station. 

There are also new changes for the UP Express from Pearson to Union. The fares for UP won't be going up meaning that in order to correctly pay for your ride, you will need to tap onto a dedicated UP Presto machine. 

The new increased and decreased prices are now in effect. 

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