Getting around on the GO Train this morning just became next to impossible for anyone who has to travel to or through Union Station.

GO Transit has suspended all westbound service to Union Station following what it is calling a fatality.

Here's everything you need to know.  

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According to the GO Transit website, the service received reports of what has now been confirmed as a possible fatality west of the Exhibition GO station. 

GO Transit says that it was notified of the incident at 9:12 this morning and that no passengers were on board the train that struck the person killed. 

"The area is now in the hands of emergency personnel and investigators," according to the transit agency." 

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Trains will not be able to move through the area for quite some time, says GO Transit. 

"Generally this will take about 2 hours until we can run our regular service."   

Trains are running between Aldershot and Long Branch GO stations, with busses taking people the rest of the way to Union. 

People hoping to get down to the area of the Ex are asked to take the TTC instead of the GO train.  

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So if you're heading out to the GO train today be prepared for long delays along the Lakeshore West line.

Source: GO Transit 

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