GO Transit is experiencing numerous issues this morning which is causing an absolute nightmare for commuters this morning.

A train is currently blocking the tracks that go from Kitchener to Toronto and it’s affecting 10,000 people who usually rely on the system to get them to work in the morning. 

Because of the sheer number of people who have been delayed Metrolinx won’t be able to transport people with buses like the TTC normally does in situations like this.   

Crews are working to fix the problem as fast as they can but it’s taking longer than Metrolinx anticipated it would. 

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The train became stuck around 6 o’clock this morning due to a broken switch on the track. 

As you can imagine people who have to use this route for commuting were not happy this morning.  

Trains are being diverted through the Barrie corridor but it will delay just about everyone 20 to 40 minutes in their commute today. 

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On top of that Metrolinx's website for GO Transit also went down for some time this morning but that issue has been fixed apparently.  

So if you use the Kitchener to Toronto line to get to work in the morning you will need to plan ahead, 'cause this sounds like a complete nightmare to have to deal with.  

Source: Globe and Mail

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