If you're in the market for an old TTC subway car, do we have good news for you!  The Government of Canada is auctioning off an old, unserviceable TTC subway car for a minimum bid of just $5. It's one of the Government of Canada's surplus items for sale.

According to the Government of Canada's items for sale website, the Hawker Siddeley Canada "H" Type Train Car number 5647 will be for sale until May 2nd, 2019.  The auction closes at precisely 8:18 AM EST.

The dimensions of the car are 26 metres in length by 3.5 metres in width by 4.5 metres in height, which could be problematic for interested buyers, since you have to come by and pick up the car yourself.

And don't be surprised if the government doesn't throw you any bones in this deal; the website explicitly states that "no assistance will be provided for loading this item."  Yeesh!  I'll never complain about moving a heavy sofa again.

That's not the only condition upon which the sale of the subway car is contingent.  The website also indicates that 48 hours notice is required for pickup and 24 hours notice is required for viewing - no exceptions.  In addition, the car must be picked up in a single trip or within a reasonable amount of time, determined by the client department.

And if you think they're joking around, think again.  The Government of Canada's bidding website is seeking serious offers only; the seller will enforce that purchasers who arrive unprepared will be refused.

Unless you're an avid antique subway car collector, it's difficult to imagine why you would go through all the trouble of acquiring this item.  But nonetheless, if you buy it, you better be certain of your purchase.

The Government of Canada's bidding website has a strict "no return" policy, stating that all sales are final, no purchased goods may be returned and no requests for reimbursement will be accepted.  No room for buyer's remorse here!

If you're interested in making the over four-hour drive from Toronto out to Mississippi Mills, Ontario (a tiny eastern Ontario town with a population of just over thirteen thousand people, just to give some context), give Brandon Torrens and Chantal McCarthy a call at 613-991-5018.

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