Photo cred - Jamaalism

If you've had to use the TTC recently, you may have noticed that it sucks. At any given time that you're on it, chances are, there's going to be a delay on the subway (because it keeps catching fire for some reason), your streetcar is going to take a pointless detour, and your bus is going to get stuck in traffic. People have been complaining about the Toronto subway for years now, especially as the price of metropass' keeps going up.

So a group of people who wanted to be proactive about fixing this came together to form TTC Riders, an advocacy group focused on improving the TTC. They coined the twitter hashtag #grumpyrider, and have encouraged Toronto commuters to let Toronto mayor John Tory and Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne know what they hate about the TTC. Since it started two weeks ago, the selfies have been flooding in. Tweet yours to @ttcriders next time the TTC fucks up, which should be the next time you're using it.

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