The GTA got teased with some beautiful sunshine this week, but that is quickly coming to an end as more snow and strong winds will be moving into the GTA this week. The Weather Network is calling for a rough end to the Family Day weekend as most of Southern Ontario is expected to be hit with more snow both today and on Wednesday. Along with this snow, strong winds are also expected to hit the region throughout the day. 

While most of us may feel that we've had enough snowfall the past two weeks, it just doesn't seem to be stopping. The snow is first expected to hit the GTA late Sunday afternoon and continue into Monday morning. While this storm was originally expected to skip over the GTA, meteorologists are now warning that this sneaky band of snow is heading our way.  

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The Weather Network warns that the heaviest amounts of snow on Sunday will hit southern GTA, Mississauga, Hamilton, and Niagra. While most of the affected area will be hit with around 5cm of snow, a Weather Network meteorologist warns that lake enhancement could cause these areas to see up to 8-10 cm throughout the night and into Monday morning.   

Strong winds are also expected throughout the day and Toronto can see winds around 45 km/hr sweeping throughout the city. 

This means that messy commutes may put a damper on your long weekend as snow starts to stick to the roads throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. Make sure to give yourself extra travel time if you are planning on heading anywhere Sunday night or Monday morning. 

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This isn't the only snowfall that is expected to hit the GTA throughout the week. A smaller storm is also expected to hit the area during Wednesday and into Wednesday night. This system is expected to bring some light snowfall and some freezing rain throughout the day. 

The Weather Network is even warning Torontonians of another storm that may hit the GTA for next weekend that will bring a significant amount of freezing rain throughout the city. 

Stay warm out there Torontonians! 


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