Look! Over there! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a man with a cape cutting hair on the street?

Toronto has a new superhero patrolling the streets and helping people in the best way he knows how: offering free haircuts and trims to anyone in need, including the poor and the homeless. Matthew Genser, owner of and hairstylist at the Matthew Genser Salon near Kensington Market, has carried out an alter ego in his spare time for the past three years. Adorned in a lime green tshirt with a giant M on the front, a blue cape, and a mask, Matthew becomes his other alias, "Mazing." The costume was made by one of his clients and said to have been inspired from the makeshift superhero in the movie 'Kick-Ass'.

In a beautiful city as populated and diverse as Toronto, Mazing easily picked up on one of its biggest flaws. He told CTV News that "we're in a town where we all sit in a subway, we sit across from each other, and we don't say anything to each other, we don't smile at each other, we avoid each other." In an attempt to get to know and connect with the people around him who ignore each other daily, this stool-carrying superhero has been the source of many smiles on the streets and much community value in the heart of the city.

Just goes to show a little bit of kindness and love goes a long way. Look up, Toronto!

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