While the retail market is always booming with new houses, one house, in particular, is getting some attention after hitting the market earlier this summer. A house of a Hamilton mobster, Pat Mustiano is now for sale, and it's asking price is $700,000. However, some homeowners are a little skeptical about the property considering it has housed many crimes over the past few years. 

RE/MAX posted a listing for the property of 206 St. Clair Blvd. in Hamilton for $699,900. The photos are quaint and old-fashioned, and the description describes the property as a house filled with "character and charm". 

It was built in 1911 and featured hardwood floors, two decorative fireplaces, and a "super-sized" shed. 

The website even states that furniture is negotiable, meaning that if you want that realistic mobster-feel throughout your property you may even be able to keep some tokens of the history behind the house. 

However, nowhere in the description of the property does it mention the house's history. The Musitano family have been a well-known mobster family who has resided in Hamilton for a number of years. They were believed to be one of three Italian mob families that were once battling for the territory of the city. 

A quick Google search of the address showcases multiple incidents that have occurred on that property throughout the years, and they all link back to Hamilton Mafia member Pat Mustiano who resided in this house for a number of years. 

Earlier this summer, Hamilton Police ended up investigating a head-on crash outside of the property when a 76-year-old man was injured after he backed his car into a Mercedes on the street. 

According to Hamilton Spectator, the 76-year-old man that was involved in the crash outside of Mustiano's house was believed to be a family friend to the Mafia family. 

However, this is only the beginning. Back in 2017, the house was hit with gunfire just weeks after Mustiano brother was murdered. Officials believed that those gunshots were to warn the residents of the house of more violence to come. 

Dozens of bullet holes were reportedly spotted in the front of the home and three windows were shattered. 

An SUV was also recorded to be set ablaze in 2015 outside of the property. It was believed to have belonged to Pat Musitano and police told the Spectator that they believed the arson attack was targetted towards the mobster. 


It is still unclear why the family has decided to leave the house, or if they have already moved out. 


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