In 2018, we've seen more videos of aggressive and racially charged confrontations than ever before in Canada. Just last week, a video of an aggressive Toronto man terrorizing a family with racist insults at Jack Layton Ferry Terminal went viral. Unfortunately, this type of terrifying confrontation is becoming more and more apparent in Canada.

Even though most Canadians pride themselves on being accepting, happy people that embrace multi-culturalism, there are still incidents where issues of racism come to the forefront.  

Via Patryk L |

The video titled "Racist Harrasment at Hamilton Walmart - PLEASE SHARE" was published on YouTube on July 27th.

The shocking video shows an altercation that took place in the parking lot of the Walmart in Stoney Creek. The video shows a heated exchange between a man in a silver truck and a family standing close by. 

Via Patryk L |

According to CBC News, the video was posted by Patryk Laszczuk. He said that it was sent to him by one of his coworkers, who told him that he had just had a "racist encounter" at the Walmart Supercentre in Stoney Creek. 

The argument reportedly started after the couple in the video tried to back into a parking spot and apparently got in the other man's way. That's when the argument was sparked and once the situation escalated, the co-worker's wife began recording. 

Via Patryk L |

In the video, the man in the truck, who has since been charged, can be heard spewing insults and threats like "You don't talk like a Canadian", "I'm racist as f**k. I don't like you" and stating "I would kill your children first." The last statement is the most shocking. 

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Hamilton police have stated that the woman suffered minor injuries after being hit by the car while she was filming the incident. The 47-year-old Stoney Creek man has been charged with threatening death, dangerous driving and failing to remain at the scene of an accident. 

To watch the full video of the confrontation, click here

Source: CBC News

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