A case of human trafficking was uncovered at an Airbnb location in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday. Police arrested two brothers from Quebec, ages 21 and 22, and have laid charges. The Hamilton sex trafficking incident led to police discovering two women, who have now been taken to safety. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline notified police of an Airbnb location where the two women were being held. The tip was received just before 4 p.m. that day, and the police moved in on the location "a short time later." 

According to their news release, it was in the area of Ferguson Avenue North and Simcoe Street East.  

"Through investigation, police identified and arrested two males. The females were located and taken to safety," says the press release. 

Police state that the two women were being "forced to work in the sex trade industry."

The two brothers, Anthony Dignard, 21, and Sulyvan Dignard, 22, are facing a total of eight charges between the two of them.

Anthony is facing two charges, and his older brother Sulyvan is facing six.

These include Trafficking in Persons, Procuring for Sexual Services, Advertising Sexual Services, and others. 

Hamilton Police's media relations officer Jerome W. Stewart told Narcity, "We are not releasing the ages of the females, but they are adults." 

"There is no information in the report that describes any others in the Airbnb at the time of arrest," they continued. 

Police did not disclose how long the girls were held captive. 

The owners of the Airbnb are also unknown at this time.

"There is no information in the report that explains whether communications took place between police and the Airbnb owners," Stewart told Narcity.

Police believe there may be witnesses and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a campaign in Toronto highlighting the reality of young girls falling victim to human trafficking. 

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