Some travelers attempting to take a flight from Hamilton to Las Vegas for the fourth of July were in for a nightmare of a trip on Thursday. Passengers were left stranded when a Swoop flight was canceled after unscheduled maintenance was needed on the aircraft. Passengers on this canceled Swoop flight claim they were stranded on a sweltering hot plane for nearly an hour, one flight attendant even needing to be treated for heat stroke. 

According to CBC, a Swoop flight that was heading from Hamilton to Las Vegas on Thursday was canceled due to maintenance that was required to one of its twin-jet Boeing 737s. However, the flight wasn't canceled until after the passengers loaded onto the plane. 

Passenger Jaimie Singleton told CBC that she was loaded onto the plane on Thursday where all passengers sat in the sweltering, overheated plane for about forty minutes while waiting for takeoff. However, all passengers were forced back off the plane due to the plane needing unscheduled maintenance. 

One passenger claims that the plane reached extremely hot temperatures inside due to the fact that the air conditioner was not working. 


According to Singleton, the heat was so extreme, that one flight attendant on the plane suffered from heat stroke and required medical attention after being stranded on the plane for nearly an hour. 

Eventually, Hamilton police were called to the airport just after 10 PM to help Swoop manage the passengers. 

Waiting for the next flight, Swoop ensured that travelers would be provided accommodations and meal vouchers. While passengers claimed they did receive a $10 meal voucher, it seems that things only got worse and passengers were forced to stay overnight to wait for their next plane. 

It is still unclear exactly what happened to the plane, but CBC states that there were allegations that crew members heard a metal object enter the plane engine. 

Earlier today, Swoop released a statement apologizing to all the passengers of these delays. 

Swoop airlines claim that the Thursday flight was involved in an incident that required maintenance, which resulted in passengers being stranded in Hamilton overnight. 

Recovery flights have been created for Friday at 6:30 PM and 9:00 PM. Passengers have yet to board these flights. 

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