If you, like me, missed out on getting Harry Styles tickets last week, don't get your hopes up on snagging seats at a reasonable price. After the tour sold out in record time, devastated fans took to the Facebook event page to hunt for tickets being resold. This weekend, ticket-reseller websites released prices for individual seats, much to my horror. 

via @harrystyles

Stubhub currently has a number of tickets on sale for Styles's Toronto concert this October, but the price will probably make you cry. The cheapest ticket on offer is a whopping $821CAD for one seat in the Center Gallery. For a floor seat, you're looking at upwards of $4,112CAD per SEAT! That's BEFORE taxes and fees.  

via @harrystyles

It looks like it'll be a while before most of us are able to hear Harry belt out "Sign of the Times" in person. Until then, his new music video will have to do. Sigh. 

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