After being pushed back for months, a Toronto court has finally determined a trial date for the sexual assault and interference case against Hedley's frontman Jacob Hoggard

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The trial date should have been set way back in July when Hoggard was first due in court. However, the case was pushed back until today when the preliminary hearing date was officially set for July 11 and 12th in 2019 and the crown says the trial will happen in 2020. 

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Accusations against Jacob Hoggard first came out earlier this year from one woman and a girl who both made claims that the singer had sexually assaulted them in 2016. Following a four-month investigation, Toronto and Peel police forces arrested and charged Hoggard in July. 

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Now, his preliminary hearing won't be coming until almost a year after his initial arrest, with the trial happening at least six months after that according to the crown. 

Despite the date finally being set Canadians are still angry. On Twitter, many are reacting to the news that the trial may be over a year away saying that this whole process has taken way too long. 

Even people who seem to be on Hoggard's side are outraged that this has taken so long to get settled. A Hoggard supporter responded to the news saying that making Jacob Hoggard wait over two years to prove his innocence is too long since his life has already been ruined. 


Hedley has been on an indefinite hiatus since the allegations first came out against Hoggard earlier this year. Jacob has so far denied any non-consensual sexual activities but has admitted to acting in a way that objectifies women. 

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