If you were in the city yesterday you know that Toronto got completely walloped for about half an hour by a massive storm.

Massive winds and a complete torrential downpour brought down a whole bunch of trees and damaged peoples properties in a variety of different ways.

And of course in the age of social media Torontonians put all the best photos and videos online for us to look at. 

Somehow this tree was almost entirely ripped out of the ground and basically fell on someone's house! Amazingly it didn't move a single brick from around it.

This tree looks like it lost almost all of its branches in the storm, which are just strewn about on the street corner here.

This tree was ripped from its place by the winds in the storm and fell across the sidewalk and looks like it's blocking most of the street as well.

The white car in this photo seems to have just narrowly avoided being hit by a tree, but if you look closely you can see that someone elses vehicle wasn't so lucky and it appears to be trapped under the tree branches.

This video show objects flying up into the air off what appears to be a downtown building construction site. Hopefully, no one was injured from any of the falling debris

This street just looks like it got hit with a tornado. According to the tweet, this is in the Annex part of the city and there are trees down everywhere.

This pine tree appears to be holding on for dear life thanks to some power lines that it's resting on. Seems like a pretty big fire hazard though.

This tree just decided it would fall across an entire street, luckily it doesn't appear that it fell on any cars or that anyone was injured by it.

This may be the craziest video of them all. We've all had to experience a leaky roof at some point but this is the inside of the Eaton Centre and it's leaking INSIDE OF A STORE!!

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