Over the weekend, social media blew up with mentions of a giant bear roaming around Scarborough. Many east-end residents took to Twitter to share their sightings of the 300 pound bear walking through their backyards. 

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**300 lb bear*** reported by a callers in the Tapscott Rd and Finch Ave E area. We do not know its location now. If seen call 911 ^ma

After advising area residents to "secure garbage and compost" that would attract the bear, the Toronto police finally located the animal following a 4 hour search. 

Due to an apparent lack of resources, the police had no option but to shoot the animal, prompting outrage from members of the community. 

Speaking to CBC News, Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook defended the choice to kill the animal. "As you would imagine in a situation like this, our priority is public safety," she said. "In the interests of public safety, officers from the Emergency Task Force had to shoot the bear. That was the option that was available to us."

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