Today it was announced that Anthony Bourdain, chef and food journalist extraordinaire, had died. He took his own life in France at the age of 61 while filming an upcoming episode of "Parts Unknown", his hit show on CNN. 

With such a tremendous loss, many have taken their stories online to remember the incredible man that Bourdain was. Though he was an American, Bourdain did have a connection to Canada and visited often. Chefs who were impacted by Bourdain are among those who have shared their stories online about the influence and impact he had on them. 

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Christine Cushing, known for her cooking shows and currently resident chef on the Marilyn Dennis Show, remembered the time that Bourdain visited her on Christine Cushing Live. She said that Bourdain was her all-time favourite guest when she hosted the show between 2001 and 2005. 

Chef Michael Smith, host of Chef at Home, posted an image of Bourdain on his Instagram in black and white saying it was a sad day for us all. He brought up mental health in the caption also, asking "if this could happen to a legend who in your sphere needs help?"

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David Rocco, known for his television programs Dolce Vita and Dolce India, paid tribute to Bourdain with a photo of multiple hanging umbrellas in the Piazza de Ferrari. He said he was shocked and saddened by the loss. 

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Man Fire Food's host Roger Mooking took to Twitter with a short but sweet sentiment about Bourdain. Mooking called him a fine sir, with a somewhat blurry photo of Bourdain. 

Meanwhile, Matty Matheson, known for his food content on MUNCHIES, posted a photo of Bourdain on Instagram. Though Matheson mentioned never having met Bourdain, he credits him with helping him get where he is today. Matheson said that he was shaken up but still encouraged everyone to tell the ones close to them that they love them in the wake of the news.

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Bourdain was a great fan of Canada, coming to Montreal and Toronto often but most recently travelling to Newfoundland. As we can see from the outpour of love, Bourdain will certainly be missed. 

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