Recently, Tesla decided to take the government of Ontario to court over the fact that Doug Ford and his PC party cancelled rebates that allowed people get up to $14,000 off the cost of the company’s electric vehicles.

The government of Ontario has stayed relatively silent about the lawsuit launched by Elon Musk’s car company - until now.

The provincial government has now released a statement to the court, outlining what they would like to see happen to the case. 

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The Ontario government has called on the province's superior court to completely throw the case out.

In a document filed to the court, the province's Attorney General states that there is absolutely “no merit” to the claims that Tesla has made in its lawsuit against the province.

The court filing by the province says that the case, “should be dismissed outright.” 

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Tesla, however, sees things very differently from the government.

The company says that it is being treated unfairly, with many of its customers now being denied the rebate that they expected to get when they first ordered their cars.

Telsa also claims that it has been left out of a program which allows other electric car manufactures to still offer the rebates during a transitional period, creating unfair competition for the company. 

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By cancelling the program, the government has, "already inflicted substantial harm" on Tesla, according to the company.

But, the government isn’t backing down. Ontario's government claims that they had “valid public reasons,” for cancelling the rebate program and that Tesla has no real reason to file the lawsuit. 

Sources: CP24, CBC

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