Ever wanted to find true love in front of thousands of people? WELL NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

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Canada was glued to their TV screens watching Jasmine Lorimer on the first season 'The Bachelorette Canada' go though the adventure of dating multiple dudes at the same time and then finally finding her 'true love', Kevin Pick. And now it's your turn! The W Network just announced that an all-new season of the 'Bachelor Canada' will air in 2017.

Information regarding casting calls for the show will be released on Thursday, December 1st on wnetwork.com, so if you think you're destined to be the next bachelor or one of his female Bachelorettes make sure to look out for how exactly to apply for the show that day.

Contestants will be chosen from all over the country, with casting calls taking place in a variety of cities, but you can be sure Toronto will be on that list. Production on the new season of “The Bachelor Canada” will begin in spring 2017, with a plan to premiere in fall 2017.


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