If you didn't already know that today marks the peak of the Provincial elections then you'll be shocked to hear that that yes it is actually election day. Today, (June 7th) Canadians all across Ontario will be heading to their local polling stations to decide who they would like to have fill the role of Premier of Ontario (also known as Ontario Provincial Parliament and Legislative Assembly of Ontario).

As of right now, Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne holds the title and is looking to defend it in this upcoming election. However she's also facing off against NDP leader Andrea Horwath and Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader Doug Ford. 

With polls opening from 9 AM - 9PM today, it's also time to start thinking about if you're all set up in the Ontario voters system and where you should be heading to to cast your vote. 

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It's luckily surprisingly easy to see if you've been registered to vote in the province. All it takes is a google search, a little personal info, and a new clicks. 

First you need to head over to the Elections Ontario website under the tab e-registration

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Then you click the button on the e-registration homepage that says, 'Let's Check'. Which brings you to a privacy and security page where you're prompted to read about the purpose of the service and how they ensure that your personal information is protected. 

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Once you've given the text a glance, click the 'Next' button and continue to the 'Check The Voter List' screen. 

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Here you'll be asked to submit your full legal name, date of birth, and postal code. After that another drop down box appears asking for you to pick the name of your street and to submit your street / unit/ apartment number(s).

Once that has been filled in, you can head over to your search results to see if you've been added to the voters registration list. If the information is all correct and you're on the list you should see your name, address and date of birth pop up on the screen. 

You'll at this point be given the opportunity to edit, confirm or update the information that is on file for you. At this point it's too late to update your voter info for it to apply to this election's voter cards, so if you are voting away from your address on the screen or just haven't recieved your voter card, click here for info on how to vote.

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Finally once you review the information and make sure it's correct, click 'Confirm My Information' and head over to the next screen. 

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This is the last step you'll need to do in your voter registration search. Once your information has been confirmed you'll be told  where your electoral district is (which is the neighbourhood/ region you'll be voting in today). 

Once you know that information you can head over to Elections Ontario's Voter Information Services and find out all the information on where you can go in your electoral district to cast your vote and who the candidates are in your region. 

For more information on each party leader and their platform, click here


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